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All images posted are my own unless an obvious reblog of others, or else credit stated as being from someone else. Please provide credit back to me or my site where required.

Dec. 19, 12

03:59 AM

A long road

A long road

Permalink | 13 notes | Tags: Iceland long journey road straight mountain clouds murphyz photoblog travel photography canon

Dec. 07, 12

04:01 AM

Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: London architecture City Hall Open House shadows triangles shapes form tones black white B&W murphyz photography capital city canon light lines symmetry

Dec. 06, 12

03:43 AM

Escher in Absinthe
Permalink | 26 notes | Tags: Absinthe Escher London architecture canon capital city city hall descend green leading line murphyz open house photography sickness staircase stairs tone urban

Nov. 13, 12

03:36 AM

Southwark Cathedral by night
Permalink | 6 notes | Tags: BPS Battersea Power Station Houses of Parliament London London Eye Southwark UK canon capital cathedral city lights long exposure motion murphyz night photography rooftopping track train urban exploration urbex wheel

Nov. 06, 12

03:47 AM

Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: Toronto Canada Eaton Centre backbone spine architecture glass ceiling roof monotone fisheye canon murphyz travel photography torontoist

Oct. 03, 12

03:42 AM

Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: hydrant fire water pavement Washington DC US black white mono shadow focus murphyz travel photography canon

Sep. 24, 12

04:07 AM

Permalink | 15 notes | Tags: City Hall London Open House architecture canon capital city mono murphyz photography spiral staircase weekend

Sep. 14, 12

03:51 AM

The Sun Sets on the Olympic Park
Permalink | 4 notes | Tags: 2012 London Olympics Park architecture canon clouds complete dusk end finished games murphyz orbit over photography sunset

Sep. 13, 12

04:12 AM

A Pyramid Scene
Permalink | 1 note | Tags: London 2012 Olympics Park Arena Basketball venue capital city murphyz photography clouds games canon shadow curves light attraction pyramid

Sep. 12, 12

03:44 AM

The Velodrome
Permalink | 6 notes | Tags: London 2012 Olympics Park Velodrome Clouds contrails structure architecture capital city sporting venue cycling murphyz photography united kingdom Canon