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All images posted are my own unless an obvious reblog of others, or else credit stated as being from someone else. Please provide credit back to me or my site where required.

Feb. 24, 14

04:34 AM

City Sunset
Permalink | 36 notes | Tags: London city capital Canary Wharf long exposure architecture sunset reflection clouds UK night lights Londonist

Feb. 18, 14

07:14 AM

Blue hour tower
Permalink | 15 notes | Tags: London Shard city blue hour night lights tower tall dusk capital

Feb. 11, 14

04:08 AM

All that glitters
Permalink | 28 notes | Tags: London urbex rooftopping night lights dusk city cityscape capital Thames Shard Gherkin Canary Wharf architecture Londonist

Jan. 29, 14

04:00 AM

The Marble Staircase
Permalink | 13 notes | Tags: New York City Public Library staircase architecture Harry Potter Hogwarts marble interior lights

Jan. 27, 14

04:13 AM

Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: New York city NYC USA United States Brooklyn sunrise view morning seagulls roosting long exposure lights night downtown Manhattan

Oct. 11, 13

03:22 AM

Anchor point
Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: London night Thames long exposure shard lights anchor bank river colour blue

Sep. 27, 13

04:09 AM

Permalink | 2 notes | Tags: London night street statue Antony Gormley Parallel fields buildings city lights iron ironman man male art exhibit Sony QX100 smartphone camera iPhone 4S

Aug. 28, 13

03:54 AM

Permalink | 26 notes | Tags: Mayakovskaya metro station moscow platform public transport art deco architecture interior marble arches arch lights

Aug. 20, 13

03:55 AM

Cutting edge
Permalink | 5 notes | Tags: London city night long exposure motion cloud lights mono architecture buildings

Jun. 10, 13

03:59 AM

Buckingham Palace
Permalink | 3 notes | Tags: Buckingham Palace London City Capital Blue Hour magic gates queen royal family residence tourist attraction night lights monarchy